At J. P. Marketing we have one goal - 
                  "To make Business Better for Bureaus".

Our mission

To lead and oversee the creation and continued growth of an exciting and positive environment in which an entire team of Bureau professionals excel at their craft and earn a good living.

To strengthen the BBB system by continuously delivering unparalleled service, and acting in the best interest of the Bureau at all times.

To maintain "record-breaking" results as the norm, while nurturing and sustaining a good relationship with all CEO's, operational staffs and Board members.

"Since partnering with JPM on new member recruitment, we have seen a 90% increase in the number of new members recruited annually, and a 168% increase in new member revenue collected annually.  Most impressive about this feat was that we have done this with 2 LESS representatives.  The program, training and support JPM provides is invaluable to our BBB."
 - Matthew M. Fehling BBB President/CEO, Phoenix, AZ

"This BBB now has 2100 members, thanks to JP Marketing.  For a market this size, that is great and it is thanks to the hard work of the excellent representatives and other staff members working for and motivated by JP Marketing.  We can know that the BBB is not only getting new members but is being presented in a professional way."
 - Norma Messer BBB President, Asheville and Western North Carolina

"Our BBB recently signed up with J P Marketing to service our sales department the first of March (09).  I can't speak for other BBB's and the success they may be or may not be having through JP marketing, but I can speak for our BBB.  J P Marketing has most definitely over exceeded our expectations on the volume of sales we have incurred since they have been a part of our BBB.  Our sales representatives are also a good group that has enhanced the success we've seen in the past few months.  I would definitely endorse   J P Marketing to any BBB that is struggling in sales during the difficult time we are in, as our BBB was."
    -Melissa L. Isham, East Texas BBB-
  J.P.Marketing's Family of BBB's

                            Amarillo, TX.
                            Asheville, N.C.                            
                            Baltimore, MD.
                            Baton Rouge, LA.
                            Birmingham, AL.                                  
                            Canton, OH.                    
                            Cincinnati, OH.
                            Cleveland, OH.
                            Columbia, S.C.               
                            Detroit, MI.                        
                            Evansville, IN.
                            Fort Worth, TX.                 
                            Fresno, CA.
                            Grand Rapids, MI.         
                            Jackson, MS.
                            Kansas City, KS.
                            Knoxville, TN.                   
                            Lafayette, LA.
                            Long Island, N.Y.         
                            Mid-Hudson, N.Y.           
                            Monroe, LA.
                            Myrtle Beach, S.C.           
                            Nashville, TN.
                            New Hampshire             
                            New Jersey
                            Oklahoma City, OK.         
                            Omaha, NE.
                            Phoenix, AZ.                   
                            Pittsburgh, PA.
                            Reno, NV.                        
                            Salt Lake City, UT.
                            San Jose, CA.
                            Scranton, PA.                   
                            Shreveport, LA.
                            Springfield, MS.               
                            Staten Island, N.Y.          
                            Stockton, CA.
                            Tulsa, OK.                           
                            Washington D.C.          
                            Worcester, MA.